MaRRS Distribution

Full website, CMS, Inbound marketing platform

MaRRS logistics is an HVAC logistics, shipping and consolidation company.

Being experts in large machinery transport ensures the equipment arrives on-time and undamaged.

They have a small sales team and the customer acquisition strategy was cold-calling.

MaRRS wanted to

  1. Increase leads without hiring more staff
  2. Have a dynamic sales tool that made them looker bigger than they are.


Spark created a website that focused on Search Engine Optimization (being found in search results). When the potential lead finds the search result, they go to the MaRRS site and request a quote. We also launched a marketing promotion offering an Amazon gift card to new customers who try out MaRRS for the first time.

Copy was written by Spark. We built the website on WordPress, redesigned the layout, made it incredibly easy to update, add new sales promotions, created automated site backups and make the site is ready for easy expansion in the future.

Price range for a site like this is $5,000 – $9,000.